8 Joints in Dubai where you can eat your fill without burnin’ a hole in your pocket! ;)

  1. Al Ijaza Cafeteria, Jumeirah 1

An age-old cafeteria which is open until the wee hours of the night (3AM if I’m not wrong). Specializes in comfort cafeteria-food such as sandwiches, burgers, milkshakes, fruit juices and mocktails. Usually packed on Thursday/Friday nights.


What to try:

  • Food – Ijaza Meat Sandwich (AED 5), Hassan Mattar (AED 6), Spicy Shawarma (AED 5), Arabic Shawarma (AED 15)
  • Beverages – Oreo Frappe, Nutella Frappe, Abood, Power Boosters (AED 10-15)

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2.  Midnight Cafe, Al Karama

Another pocket-friendly snacking spot that serves Frankees (Grilled Roti Rolls that originated in Bombay), Salads, Hot Dogs, Submarines and yummy Garlic Bread. They used to be an ‘only take-aways’ joint until they shifted to the Wasl Aqua building which has seating area as well.


What to try:

  • Food – Beef Blast Frankie (AED 8), Tangy Tikka Frankie (AED 10), Mixed Meat Salad (AED 14 / 22 ), All Chicken Sub (AED 14 / 22), Garlic Chilli Cheese Bread (AED 9), and Garlic Chicken Tikka Bread (AED 10), Spicy Chicken Burger (AED 18)
  • Beverages – Lime Sodas (any)

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3. Raju Omlet , Al Karama

A quaint little joint tucked away behind Park Regis Kris Kin, serving up some good ol’ Ande ka Fundas. Their interiors are composed of egg-related quotes on the walls, a pretty big ‘Thought for the day’ board, light-colored walls and rustic furniture. Crammed as F on weekends, so visit at a rather odd time to get better service.


What to try:

  • Food – Cheese Masala Omlet (AED 15-17), Spicy Potato Roll (AED 12-13), Crush Bhurji (AED 15-17)
  • Beverages – Cutting Chai (AED 3.5), Kadak Chai (AED 4), Kesar Elaichi Chai (AED 5)

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4. Al Ustad Special Kabab, Meena Bazaar

This Iranian establishment has been around for decades (apparently since 1978), and it serves some amazingly tender and juicy kebabs. The owner and staff are extremely hospitable; the ambiance composed of old photos and newspaper clips on the walls (featuring a lot of celebrities) and currency notes of various nations on their tables. The only negative about this place would be their biscuit-y rotis.


What to try:

  • Food – All Mixed Grill options (AED 30)

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5. My Shawarma, Al Barsha

This tiny joint racks up some of the best Shawarma platters you’ll ever have in Dubai. A shawarma platter roughly includes a belly-popping portion of chicken or beef shavings or both, served with fries, pickles, garlic sauce and ample pieces of bread. The seating is limited, so take-away is generally advised.


What to try:

  • Food – Chicken with Hommous Platter (AED 30), Chicken & Beef Mixed Platter (AED 31)

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6. Zaroob, Trade Centre Area

Their unconventional yet colorful ambience adds to the overall experience. On one side, you have the indoor seating where cooking and preparations can be watched live. The external seating area is attractively designed to suit the urban street style. This place is open 24^7 and serves some exquisite Levantine street food.


What to try:

  • Food – Minced Meat Fateer (AED 29), Turkey Saj (AED 25)

7. Beriani Esfahan Iranian Restaurant, Baniyas

Ideal for takeaways rather than dine-in. The spicy shawarma is an all-time favorite. Cheapest shisha (AED 20) in the entire locality. Need I say more?


What to try:

  • Food – Spicy Shawarma (AED 6), Minced Kebab (AED 25 incl. rice, salad and soft-drink)

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8. The Curry Lane, Al Karama

Perfect spot to munch on some fresh Maharashtrian treats. The brick-wall interiors and writing perfectly complement the vibe. 100% vegetarian, you are in for a relatively good street-snacking session with Wada Pavs and Pav Bhajis leading the list. Oh, they also serve Mastani, in different flavors.


What to try:

  • Food – Pav Bhaji (AED 20), Wada Pav (AED 5), Puri Bhaji (AED 12)
  • Beverages – Cutting Chai (AED 3), Masala Milk (AED 5), Mastani (AED 15-17)

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