Top Tamil Films of 2018 With Excellent Background Scores That Made You Want To Watch Them Again!

Tamil Original Background Score

If you’re someone who takes note of a composer’s work in a film as a whole, you’d obviously resonate with this post a lot. Here are a few 2018 Tamil films that boast stunning background score – an aspect that enhances storytelling and conveying emotions:

  1. ‘Vada Chennai’ – Santhosh Narayanan

Dhanush-Vetrimaaran combo’s gangster-epic benefited greatly from Santhosh Narayanan’s amazing background score. From a rap-infused ‘Patta Patti’ to riff-filled/massy ‘Central Jail Gangs’ to a pulsating ‘Viswasam’ (that almost reminds you of Hans Zimmer), this is brilliant work from SaNa. Without a doubt, this man continues to take Tamil cinema to greater heights with his path-breaking compositions. This was a film of epic proportions spanning different timelines and the music certainly played a key role in rendering it a cult classic. Eagerly awaiting the sequel!

You can listen to the Vada Chennai Original Soundtrack here.

Vada Chennai Original Background Score
Vada Chennai Original Background Score

2. ‘Ratsasan’ – M. Ghibran

Serial killers weren’t exactly a thing in Tamil cinema until this year. In 2018, we came across the okayish ‘Imaikka Nodigal‘ and the well-made ‘Ratsasan‘. The latter was definitely not an easy watch – it dealt with a more sophisticated serial killer – the likes of which, were never before seen in Tamil cinema. Each sequence in the film seems to have been carefully penned in order to keep the audiences on toes (for the most part!). What made the film even better you ask? The chilling background score! It creeps you out big time and makes the movie-watching experience even more psychologically challenging. M. Ghibran’s spine-tingling piano compositions and the tick-tock styled numbers are a treat to listen to and add to the tense nature of the film.

Check out the complete background score here.

Ratsasan Original Background Music
Ratsasan Original Background Music

3. ’96’ – Govind Vasantha

This endearing and nostalgia-inducing film, starring Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha, talked about a man and a woman who loved each other deeply, yet never managed to stay together beyond adolescence. The background score, composed by Govind Vasantha (Govind Menon of ‘Thaikkudam Bridge‘ fame) tugs at your heartstrings and makes you feel sorry for the protagonists’ losses. The composer himself mentioned that he could connect immensely with the theme of the film (and that shows!). There’s no big surprise if the original background score echoes what a lot of us go through at least at some point in our lives. Notice how the flute is integral to the compositions here.

96 Original Background Score
96 Original Background Score

4. ‘Kaala’ – Santhosh Narayanan

Superstar Rajini’s first release of 2018 saw him reuniting with ‘Kabali‘ director Pa. Ranjith and music director Santhosh Narayanan. The film follows the story of an aging gangster in the slums of Dharavi. It had its share of troubles trying to maintain a balance between Rajini’s mass-hero tropes and telling a worthwhile story. Nonetheless, we can all agree that the background score composed by Santhosh Narayanan did its best to uplift several scenes. ‘Rain Fight’, ‘Hari Dada Theme’, and ‘Vengai Mavan’ are some of the numbers in which Santhosh puts his skills to splendid use.

You can listen to it here.

Kaala Original Background Score
Kaala Original Background Score

5. ‘Kolamavu Kokila’ – Anirudh Ravichander

When you have a soundtrack that works great as both musical numbers and background score, you have a winner in your hands. This engaging black comedy thriller, starring Nayanthara and Yogi Babu in the lead roles,  features a mix of tracks that hold good as both a story-forwarding device as well as to build atmosphere. Anirudh has successfully cracked the dark-humor genre with back-to-back hits in Naanum Rowdy Dhaan and Kolamavu Kokila. Listen to the soundtrack here and decide for yourself!

Kolamavu Kokila Original Soundtrack
Kolamavu Kokila Original Soundtrack

I will be updating this list with a few more entries before the year draws to a close. Did any of your favorites make it to the list? Any that you believe should be featured? Let me know in the comments section below!

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