What your phone’s playlist speaks about you!♪♫♬

Volumes. Yes, it speaks volumes about one’s personality. While this may not apply to the ‘exceptional few’, here are a few things that I can vouch for:

a) You listen to too much David Guetta, Calvin Harris, The Chainsmokers, Tiesto, Hardwell, Afrojack and AVB? Chances are, you’re the party-fanatic who enjoys big crowds and sweating it out in the presence of trippy lights and trying out some sick moves. EDM has easily become the most popular genre in recent times. You could either be a genuine dance / party freak or simply be playing along to peer interests because you think it’s in line with the current trends and carries too much of a ‘cool’ factor.

Personality traits: The wild kind, the energetic kind, the wanna-try-it-all kind, the fun-loving kind, the slog-it-out-but-live-it-up kind, weak decision-makers.

My take: Not implying that I’m a big fan of attending concerts where a guy sits behind a laptop and clicks buttons to generate music, but it’s alright for a once-in-a-while listen. [10-15]% of the playlist!

b) You like your daily dose of Classic Rock? Guns N Roses, AC DC, Pink Floyd and Zeppelin your faves? You’re likely to be the nostalgia-inducer at gatherings and probably has picked up the guitar atleast once in your life. You enjoy high-pitched sing-alongs and act like you are playing your imaginary guitar when you’re drunk. You, however, are bound to be clever enough to put across your point that the music of those times is indeed the rawest, purest and from-the-heart.

Personality traits: Smart, inspirational however, quick to pick up an argument or fight, does not approve of the current music scene one bit, the genuine kind, the chilled-out kind.

My take: I like my fair share of classics but can’t be listening to them all the time. [10-15]% of the playlist!

c) Hard Rock / Alternative Rock / Metal your thing? You are likely to enjoy the loudness of it over everything else. The lyrical topics could range from sickness, extreme anxiety / stress disorders to avenging someone’s death to having beers at a bar to space robotics to cold weather. The electric guitar gives you the kind of high no other thing can. You enjoy rambling about things, you enjoy complaining. You don’t give a damn what the world thinks of you; you are the most reactive, expressive person around. You are also likely to be thought of as impulsive and negative (at times).

Personality traits: Explosive (but can be secretive too), quick to respond to allegations or claims, rebellious, emotional but highly passionate and strives hard to achieve goals, could be introverted.

My take: My favorite genre(s) to be frank.. I love Disturbed, Three Days Grace, 3 Doors Down, Metallica, Papa Roach, Imagine Dragons, Weezer and Linkin Park. [40-50]% of my playlist will be from these genres. I guess I’m the emotionally expressive kind!

d) Dubstep? The genre that gained its humongous fan-following in the early 2010s thanks in part to newbies (back then) like Skrillex, Kill the Noise, Flux Pavilion, Knife Party, Excision, and seasoned veterans such as Foreign Beggars, Bassnectar, Nero and Noisia. Dubstep is a genre that is usually blended with EDM, Drum-and-Bass, Break-beat or even Psychedelic Trance (like Infected Mushroom). You enjoy trying out new things, you like it loud and you are probably a fan of the stuff DJs keep churning out as EPs. You are likely to have made your own mix at a very young age, asked the whole world listen to it and for a moment, made them think that you’re likely going to be a renowned DJ one day.

Personality traits: Quick decision-maker, loves exploring new avenues, has plenty of mixing-autotuning software on the phone, fueled by frequent adrenaline rushes, enjoy work-outs and physical activity, a bit neurotic / emotionally unstable even.

My take: If my phone has 50 songs, then its likely that 5-7 of them could be pertaining to the Dubstep genre, or could contain traces of it. Suffice to say [10-15]% of the playlist.

e) Country / Pop-rock / Pop lovers are likely to be the peace-loving kind. They don’t really enjoy the loud riffs on the electric guitar. They’re the ones who relish sitting in a bar, with their respective circles, calling cheers and adore the company of their better halves. They could also be lazy, dim-witted and uninformative since these genres along with EDM, occupy the usual Top 40s list, and you don’t necessarily have to make any effort to listen to these (as the radio is full of it!).

Personality Traits: Too conventional, rarely knowledgeable, does not really have a distinct opinion, lack of originality, but calm and composed.

My take: Admit it, we all started listening to Western music with pop / pop-rock. There was a time when BSB, Westlife and Blue raided our playlists. I still enjoy listening to Coldplay, Rihanna, Timberlake and The Zac Brown Band. One Direction and Bieber though, NOPE. [5-10]% of the playlist!

f) Rap / R & B / Hip Hop fanatics are the ones who enjoy MC-ing, poems, lyrical styling and adding a bit of ‘contemporary’ in whatever they speak. They seek self-respect and and are eloquent in their own perceptible ways. They have their own stand when it comes to various incidents / events happening around the world. They are sportive and robust when it comes to conveying a message.

Personality traits: The do-ers, the go-getters, the ones with clear-cut opinions, confident, high morale inducing, and has undue regard for self-esteem.

My take: Of course, I enjoy listening to Tupac and Jay-Z blurt things out as unceremoniously as they come. Listening to an Eminem song can be both hard-hitting and stimulating. There is a sense of proclamation combined with ingenuity. A fair [20-25]% of the playlist!

g) Regional / Instrumental is also characteristically part of our [Indian] playlists. We’ll all have a few A R Rahman, Hip Hop Thamizha, Anirudh, DSP, Amaal Mallik, Amit Trivedi, Gopi Sunder and Rahul Raj compositions on our phone, regardless of the genre. However, we cannot disregard the fact that the modern-day Indian music is highly western-influenced. There’s another section of evergreen Ilayaraja, Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar fans too. No doubt, these gifted musicians have become part of our musical diet primarily because we grew up on them.

Personality traits: Being Indian (lol!), could range from positive energy-seeking to party-loving to melody-inclined to Sufi, could be anti-Western as well.

My take: There’s no question of denying the fact that regional music (of different Indian languages) occupies a preemptive position in each our phones. I either listen to them daily on the radio or get addicted to tracks after catching them in a movie or on TV. [15-20]% of the playlist!

Pic: Outsourced

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