Evenings at Niraamaya!

Niraamaya Retreats, Kovalam has lately become one of the most sought-after spots for an evening of unwinding and relaxation while at Trivandrum. Centered on the Kerala heritage theme (replete with the traditional ‘Illam’ look and banyan trees), Niraamaya offers the refreshing blend of a flourishing green landscape and a well-maintained private beach. In short, simplicity meets luxury.

While I have not personally stayed at the cottages or utilized the Ayurveda wellness packages (which I’m sure I will sometime), I have been to their pool-side restaurant on multiple occasions just to bask in the sunset views while downing a cocktail or beer, coupled with some delectable starters. Unlike some of the (beach) resorts I’ve been to, Niraamaya surprisingly does not make one feel the customary brininess associated with its placement on the beach front. You will by all means, leave as invigorated as you arrived (only better!). The air is pure, the vibe is pleasant and the ambiance as calm as it can get. I’d like to share some of the photographs (clicked on Nikon D3200) of the place below:

Trees abound!

You feel a sense of warmth and composure the moment you step into the compound. While the sound of the beach can be heard from a distance, there is a general sense of tranquility that spans all over the place. Nature-lovers and beach-fanatics are bound to feel exhilarated by the aura.

The kind of ‘relax’ I’m talking about!

You make your way down to the pool / restaurant / beach passing through a stone-laden pathway that is lit up with greens on both sides. You can also notice stone-sculpted seats, stone-cut pillars and lamps as you trudge along. Every angle is a photo-op I tell you (including a few spots where you can apply self-timer). The walk down is indeed one of the best things about the place. Here is a snapshot of what I’m trying to put across:

Green all the way!
Sights en route!

A pretty huge stone-carved statue of Ganpat in a reclining posture is what awaits you. The beach access area is towards the left while the restaurant / pool are towards the right.  Sit down for a sip of your favorite drink and quick-bites to munch on, or proceed to have à la carte based on preferences for the occasion.

Chillin’ like a villain!
What keeps us going!

The pool / beach views are unadulterated eye-candy (comprising greenish blue waters!) and one often gets the feeling of wanting to dive right in. Coconut palms and thorny shrubs surround the pool. A perfect setting to forget all your worries (atleast temporarily) and revel in the moment.

Aqua rules the roost!

Trust me when I declare that the sunset view you get at Niraamaya is hands down one of the best in Trivandrum. Voila, here’s your new laptop wallpaper / post-card picture. Perceive.. relish.. capture.. add to your happy memories!

A sunset to remember!

Enjoy this ‘hidden gem’ (no longer hidden I suppose!) and let me know if you were able to experience similar vibes. Cheers! 🙂



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