A whole lotta rambling :)

Eventually, all of us arrive at that point in life where nothing seems to be enough. The restlessness associated with corporate jobs, the plasticity associated with urban living, the drama between best-friends for not being who they used to be, so on and so forth. Age 16-27, a particular timeline where everyone is asked to take the most important decisions of their lives. What stream to choose in school, where to apply for college and what course to pursue, where to work after that, simultaneously finding that “partner-for-life” on your own or through others, the ‘expectations’ list is pretty exhaustive. It’s quite a pivotal ten to twelve years really. There’s a time when you feel you cannot do anything without the presence of certain individuals; there’s also a time when you feel like you can’t stand them either.

It’s that phase you realize who your true friends are (or maybe not, because people’s mindsets change faster than the click of a mouse-button these days!). Atleast, you get a sort-of lucid picture on who’s gonna stay and who isn’t. The weeding-out process is automatically initiated in your head when start encountering more and more people. Your relationship status may juggle between ‘single‘ and ‘committed‘ in the meantime. It’s all just a part of the ‘growing through‘ phase. I wouldn’t term it as ‘growing up‘ as there are still plenty of us out there who haven’t shown the slightest bit of progress when it comes to prioritizing.

Do you have a secret ambition? A hobby that you think can shape you? A little something that you thought you were good at while you were little (and later was forced to surrender owing to well ugh, “priorities” again)? I’d say keep brushing up those secret skills as much as possible; even when you’re working in a industry you never see yourself being truly happy at, on a job that doesn’t redeem your self-esteem as an individual even marginally. Because at the end of the day, you’re mostly going to be recalled not for how much you earned in your lifetime or how many holiday-homes you built, but for the intrinsic values or the soft-skills that you possessed.

Be loud, expressive and vibrant (when you should!). There’s nothing like a conversation full of little details (or as some say Easter Eggs!). You cannot monetize something like that. Let people remember you and keep you close to their hearts for the positive energy you radiated, the funny conversations you shared, the (true) stories you cooked up and ingeniously narrated, the emotionally-resonating discussions you had over coffee, alcohol or text messages. And not for the number of times you backed out of conversations / arguments, persistently used the words “no!” or “busy“, or couldn’t make it to crucial milestone-events in your loved ones’ lives. I agree, everyone ain’t equally strong-willed to take right (rational) decisions all the time; you don’t have to be. Those imperfections make you. We all wrestle our way to the top in our own distinctive ways.

Try comprehending others’ perspectives the same way you value yours. Especially when it comes to folks you care about. You probably don’t know what their daily struggles are, how intense a battle they’re fighting within their minds. Hear ’em out first, and then manifest your side of the story. The root cause of most human problems, like they always say – the lack of conversation or communication.

Understand, not judge! 🙂


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