How they formulate, how they change. Of people, places, and things. Different minds, different vistas. Let’s look at a few examples.

  1. That expensive smartphone you always wanted to buy  and you’d been saving up for quite a while to finally afford one. At the time of purchase = bliss. 6 months later, you throw it around like ping-pong. Most things man-made for that matter seem to have a low redeeming value in the long run. There are certain man-made things however that make you feel upbeat with their say, vinyls, good food and modern art. Or from an aam-aadmi perspective, a walk-man or an instrument like a mouth-organ or a flute you learnt to play when you were little. Swap experiences for things and the results will start to show.
  2. The place you always associate happiness with..your hometown. But live there for a straight couple of years in your 20s and you’ll crib about how other cities are so vibrant, have better night-life and the severe lack of good restaurants to take a visiting friend to.
  3. Your first job. I know, right? That golden moment you receive the appointment letter in your inbox..unforgettable right? Those people seem like Gods right? Three years later, they’re gonna be the peeps you have written off since day one of you landing in that position.
  4. I know some of you might offense to those people. But we live in an age where effort signifies acknowledgment, acceptance denotes compromise. Have you ever broken up with someone over text messages (especially while in a ‘long-distance’)? Something you posted? Fear ye not, because even if you haven’t, you ain’t living too far from it.
  5. Age, or rather time. A wonderful yet relative point of measurement. How it heals, how it revokes feelings. That person you used to hate in school inadvertently becomes your best friend in your 20s. The person who you thought you could never have a conversation with, becomes your first-person-to-know-everything. That best-friend-of-15 years slowly recedes into the backdrop; not anyone’s fault though. People change too, just like perspectives.
  6. their outlook on life changes with the passage of time. There would be certainly be a time when you just cannot live without them ( school/college). And when the time comes for them to move away to a different country or get married, you very well know in the back of your mind that however happy you are for them, its just going to get tougher to maintain that same vibe when you don’t see each other as often as you used to. At times, we just need to take a step back and introspect. Small gestures leave the biggest mark. 🙂
  7. are bound to get stuck in a comfort-bubble if you enjoy being routinely mechanical. Embrace changes, take risks and beat those stereotypes; they ultimately make you a better individual in the long run. Some just realize it way too late and by then, their prime is a story of the past.
  8. age 7, beating your best friend’s score on a video game is the supreme goal; at age 17, its about getting into one of those heard-of universities; at age 27, its about finding the perfect job and “settling down”. Ever heard of cliché? That’s what this eventually goes on to be about.
  9. (First-time) Experiences..there’s always a first for everything. But when that dust settles, stuff can look a lot duller than they used to. How you deal with that shapes you.
  10. Closed doors..if you are intentionally concealing Mr. Hyde behind barriers while you pretend to be Dr. Jekyll in front of the world, then it’s high time you decide whose personality traits you want to sustain and whose you want to shed.
  11. Life in itself..the overall panorama. Is it the exciting one you’ve always dreamt of? Or is it the complete opposite of it? Or is it somewhere in between? Work hard, but don’t forget to have fun along the way. The real skill lies in the balancing act!

“Freedom of speech is unlike love. Love as popularly quoted is never having to say that you are sorry. But in freedom of speech you must be ready to say as many things as you want to, need to, before you say sorry. That too when you are truly convinced you are.”
Kamal Haasan

Pic: Outsourced

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