Simply put, I miss these chocolates / candies / sweets that were a rage during the 90s and early 2000s:-

  1. Nestle Crunch

This one takes the top spot and used to be an absolute favorite back in the days. The ‘milk-chocolate and rice crisps‘ combo was literally a burst-in-your-mouth. Cadbury’s Diary Milk Crackle took over its reins soon after.


2. Nestle Bar-One

Bar-One boasted of a combo of nougat, caramel and milk chocolate. Pretty sure everyone has done this: Take a bite and watch the caramel-filling slowly oozing out of the bar. 😉

download (1)

3. Cadbury Picnic

The desi-version of Snickers is much-missed. You could spend a minute to even half an hour gobbling up this lumpy nutty-chocolatey beauty. A combo of milk chocolate and peanuts, covering chewy nougat, caramel, biscuit and puffed rice, ‘Picnic’ was sometimes equivalent to a whole meal.

download (2)

4. Parry’s (now Lotte) Lacto-King / Coffy Bite

The regular post-meal candies. Also, the ones we used to buy in big packets to distribute in class on our birthdays :p Now that Lotte has taken over Parry’s, we barely see these candies in their original packing, although the taste is mostly similar.

images                              coffee-bite-250x250

5. Hajmola’s Candy

Although marketed as a digestive tablet, Hajmola’s quirky flavors like Tamarind and Peppermint found itself gaining a huge fan-following.

download (3)

6. Cadbury’s Nutties

The desi-version of Maltesers is definitely an all-time favorite. Dunno if they are still in Cadbury’s existing product line, but they were one of the best popper-chocolates that ever existed. The red pack itself was eye-catching. The taste was exemplary. They are so rarely seen these days; mostly find them in small groceries in less-populated towns. When spotted, buy in bulk!


7. Parle Rol-a-Cola

This solid version of cola was one of my favorites. A cheap candy that gives you the feel of sipping cola. Too many sweet memories of this one. Where are you nowadays? Parle, bring these back ASAP!

candies-470 (1)

8. Perfetti’s Big Babol / Wrigley’s Boomer 

Most kids of the 90s burst their first bubble-gum courtesy Big Babol. The ad itself was unforgettable. Along with Boomer, this one occupies a special place in our memories. Not to forget the collection of free tattoos that you’d amassed over time, stuck on the walls of your bedroom or bathroom door.

524                     1446390878909_boomergum

9. Amul Chocolate

Used to be really popular in the 90s, and would be available in different shapes of animals and in various flavors like Milk, Orange, Dark and Coffee. I believe a renewed version of this still exists in the market but doesn’t hold the same appeal.


10. Mackintosh’s Quality Street (now Nestle’s)

All of us remember the box of assorted chocolates wrapped in different colors. Each wrapper-color denoted a specific kind of chocolate (Milk, Strawberry, Caramel, Orange, Vanilla, Coconut, Hazelnut, Coffee, Almond, Truffle and so on). These are still in production are available widely across the world but certain original varieties (which are way better than the present ones) have been discontinued.



P.S: All pictures outsourced!

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