Eleven Horror Stories. In increasing order of detail. For horror junkies only.

Read the following before going to sleep. HAPPY NIGHTMARES! >:)

  • I would keep having these recurring dreams where I would commit a murder and leave a hand-print out of the victim’s blood on the location of the crime. One day, I woke up to find bloodied hand-prints all over my bedroom.
  • My dog kept howling all through the evening in his kennel. When he stopped all of a sudden in the middle of the night, I went up to check on him and saw that he had befriended a black goat, which was sitting outside the kennel.
  • I woke up startled at 3 AM to see my phone vibrating incessantly, notifying that I had received an MMS from an unknown sender. I open it to find a video of my car getting into a horrific accident with a date watermarked Friday the 13th. Yesterday was Thursday the 12th.
  • I had refused to buy my daughter some color pencils the other day because I was pretty sure she would mess up the walls of our house. She had made a big scene at home about it before going to sleep. Later that night, I would dream of my daughter walking into my room with a bunch of color pencils in her hand and stabbing me repeatedly with them, while I was asleep.
  • I am fond of soap operas. Today’s episode showed the husband character cheating on his wife with another woman from his workplace, and coming back home to HUG the unsuspecting wife after which he strangles her to death. After the episode got over, my real husband walked in and told me that he was really happy with the way things had shaped up at work and told me that he felt like givin’ me a HUG. My pupils started to dilate!
  • I would drive to my wife’s grave every now n’ then and talk to her whenever I felt really stressed out. One day, I drove up there to find a fresh grave dug beside hers with my name on it, but the date of expiry was the exact same as my wife’s. It suddenly crossed my mind that all this while I had been driving the same car which my wife had driven when she had that accident and died two years ago.
  • I loved going swimming at the 24 hours open Community Club late in the night so that I could avoid the crowd. While completing an underwater lap, I noticed a shadowy figure moving by the side of the pool. When I came up to catch my breath, I couldn’t find anything. A few minutes later, I saw the shadowy figure leap into the water from the other end of the pool. Terrified, I tried getting out of the pool but a hand kept pulling me back in. Soon, the watery world around me started to black-out, as I ran out of breath.
  • I worked as a surgeon at the City Hospital. There was this one patient who kept yelling “Open the gates of HELL!” while being taken to the operation theater for surgery. While operating him, there was an unexpected power failure and the backup generators wouldn’t work. Since I was the main surgeon, I waited with bated breath for the power to come back on to resume the surgery, while my attendants rushed out to follow up on the situation. When I looked at the partially operated body, two hands surged from the patient’s heart, soaked in blood-red, and grasped my neck. I was pulled INTO the man’s body. We both had descended into HELL.
  • Ever since I was little, I had an obsession for dolls and puppets. I felt they were like my guardian angels. When I was 23, my live-in girlfriend would complain about having too many real-looking dolls and puppets in our bedroom and once, she even voiced her concerns about finding me in a situation where I seemed to be talking to the puppets in my sleep. On the night of our graduation, I promised to make love to my girlfriend in our bedroom. Mid-way through the act, I had to back out because my head was aching real bad and couldn’t keep going. My girlfriend made a big scene about it before going to sleep. I also went to sleep half-heartedly, cursing her . The next morning, I found my girlfriend unconscious on the floor, with vivid slap-marks on her face. I strongly believe my guardian angels had something to do with this.
  • A little while after I started suspecting my wife of hiding something, one day while she was taking a shower I checked her Facebook Messenger to look for clues. To my horror, I found that she had been speaking to a voodoo-doctor about how I had become increasingly distant to her lately (because of work and other things!), even to the point of alleging infidelity. I confronted her about this and her elucidation shocked me further. She revealed that she had hidden voodoo stuff in my cupboard, under the bed, in the attic, and even inside my office satchel; this was all because, apparently during one of our family get-togethers, my aunt had joked about how my horoscope stated that I would attract female attention wherever I’d go. Enraged, I threw everything out and burnt them in my backyard. The next day, I woke up with burn-marks all over my body. My wife had gone missing. Suddenly, I heard a loud screaming noise outside, and when I looked out through the window, I was horrified to see that my wife had set herself on fire!
  • I had a recently purchased a new customized laptop through an online shopping portal. From the very first day, it’d started acting weird. I would put it on standby before going to sleep, but late in the night, it would restart itself and play sickening videos (which were definitely not from the hard disk), creating a big ruckus. The wallpaper could never be changed. Every time I tried putting something pleasant, it reverted back to a full-black wallpaper within exactly 13 minutes. It would open up Skype late in the night, send atrocious messages to everyone in my list and record a video of myself sleeping. I strongly felt that the laptop was possessed and therefore, I tried contacting the online portal to send it back. After weeks of sleepless nights and waiting, finally a guy showed up, took away the laptop and assured that he would look into the issue and if it could not be fixed, the company would send a fresh piece. The guy left and I took a power-nap soon after . When I woke up, I found the exact same laptop on my desk with the video-recorder on, recording me in my sleep. Although nervous at first, I approached it and replayed the video. I didn’t notice anything unruly at first, but on repeated viewing, I noticed a murky figure staring at me through the window behind my bed, while I was asleep. I then re-viewed all the previous videos that it had recorded by itself so far, and spotted the sombre figure in all of them. I shut the laptop immediately, went to the tools-room, grabbed a hammer and smashed the laptop into pieces.


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