..because a title is too main-stream!

Are you someone who relishes both tea and coffee in equal measure? Does it sound a bit intimidating when a tea-person or a coffee-person tell you that its not alright to like both? Does it put you off when someone brands you as ‘not-a-real-music buff‘ while having a random discussion with a metal-head or a hip-hop lover, simply because you like both metal and hip-hop and maybe even country n’ pop rock n’ EDM n’ reggae as well?

If you’re asking me, honestly, I don’t think that any of us have to this-kinda-person or that-sorta-person. Our identity can, with all its strengths and flaws, be a heterogeneous meld of THIS and THAT. It is precisely this factor that contributes to making a person unpredictable and interesting. It would be an appreciable gesture not to fall into that category of people who do not like stepping out of their comfort zone. Even if they do not induce negativity (which they most likely do!), please make it a point to stay away from such groups or places. Anything or anybody that puts you off, AVOID!

Let’s look at another example which I keep encountering almost on a daily basis when I discuss films with my fellow-beings. I am someone who watches literally anything that comes my way, with no prejudice to any actor, genre, rating, language. So yes, there seems no point in shying away from saying that I (being a guy!) watch gory cannibal flicks with the same levels of attention that I’d give for even silly chick-flicks. That doesn’t make me any less of a serious movie buff. I watch everything; doesn’t necessarily mean I’d enjoy two genres in the same fashion but I’d still watch because it holds my interest. When I tell this to people, some of them take me for ‘weird‘. If savoring a bit of everything is not your cup-of-tea, then so be it. But it is MINE, for sure. And nobody has a say in that other than myself!

It is completely okay to be someone who relishes the best of all worlds rather than be someone who always sticks to pre-set notions, prefers to follow set norms and would NEVER want to stray away from his / her predetermined path even under compulsion or force. My perspective of ‘interesting’ or ‘exciting’ always involves the word “NEW”. If you are someone who finds joy in following the set regime, very well, have it your way. But never even think of pushing me to do the same. Just ’cause you may like it, does not necessarily mean I like it too.

IMO let’s all try to be someone who watches all sorts of films, enjoys listening to all genres of music,  relishes all kinds of cuisines, finds happiness in little things as well as milestone achievements, laughs with the same gusto at differently intended jokes, enjoys working both at a desk and on-the-field, cherishes summer and winter (and autumn n’ spring!), and at times, seeks felicity from repeated actions but with a disparate approach. Do you like to have that ONE friend who you can discuss all kinds of things with (such as work, going out, partner issues, music n’ films, current affairs, sports, any damn thing for that matter) or do you like having different kinds of friends to discuss different things?

The phrase ‘old wine in a new bottle’ sporadically works wonders. Many of us follow the same groove and tend to get fed up with our ‘less happening’ existences. At times, lending fresh treatment to already existing drills can help radiate inner joy amongst ourselves. We just need to keenly observe, and pursue varied courses of action to achieve the same goals or objectives. For eg. If you’re bored of taking the same exact route everyday to reach office, try finding an alternative route or take a different mode of transport. If you’re bored of preparing the same reports everyday, find ways by which you can innovate and make them appear more lucid yet representing the same facts as earlier. Applying this precept to every other activity in our lives would considerably reduce the tendency of feeling meh due to repetitiveness of stuff at workplace and boredom in general.

Get to know the perspectives of all kinds of people. Do not think your opinion is the same as the rest-of-the-world’s. Do not thrust, but listen, empathize, accept, make your point and stick to it no matter what. Be assertive, not imposing. Mix it up, because it is FUN.

People will continue to judge you based on your words, actions and attitude . Let them. You just need to be sure that you’re okay with the ways that you have stuck to; the rest will follow course. Even if you have failed miserably in your ambitious ventures, during the latter stages in life, you will feel content at least having tried n’ failed rather than not having given a shot at all when you always could. And that feeling is what really matters in the long run. Follow the calling, not the crowd! 🙂

Be Yourself. But Be Random. Not a cliché. 


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